segunda-feira, julho 16, 2007

Bleeding Sunset

Silently you are back
Crawling slowly underneath my skin
You disturb my quietness
You refuse my tenderness
You run away, you are a mess
But you don’t even care
That you’re rising up to the glare
You’re a glimpse of my self esteem
You’re a mystery of my own scheme
Your heart’s the stage where I’ll play my scene.

Dramatic end
Easy way to pretend
That you’re alive,
That your soul
Is a pool where I dive
To forget
The painful regret
The bleeding sunset
That makes me cry
Each time I thing about my lie.

And when you feel
That I’m not real
Take a look at the sky
I’m shining upon
Your restless body
Waiting for you
To be at my side
To drain the tears
I won’t hide.

You’ll always be
The perfect solace
To my soul
To my hole
To my tragic heart,
Deeply dark
Dramatically consumed
By hate
By fate
By martyr visions
Of my lonely death.



And in the last lines
Of my poetry
I write your name right next to mine
To remember the love
That joined us
Under the moonlight of our redemption.

And in the last words
Of a holy psalm
I read your name right next to god
To presage the death
That will divide us:
You in heaven and I in hell.

How can you beg me
To forgive such atrocious will
If he was here
I swear I’d kill him
With the anger I keep inside my heart…

You won’t feel it at all…
You won’t deserve it at all…
I’m doing this for our love
I’m doing this for us…

Bad dreams won’t come back
Bad dreams won’t come back
Bad dreams won’t come back
While I’m beside your sleep
While I taste the tears of your weep
While I’m the angel that keeps you safe
From the terrors of this world...

Oh this is the apocalypse of the depraved ones
I don’t want to feel this harsh reality
I don’t want to know who’s the real me
I’m not ready for such revelation
I’m not ready to sever from your affection
I’m your desolation.


quarta-feira, julho 04, 2007

While the stars fade away

You keep denying the moonlight in which we shared the love that made our hearts bleed again; you keep avoiding the longing that separates my world from yours, the last hope the last trust the last chance to help you smile… the shame laughs behind me underneath the two shadows that embrace in such a beautiful moment to eternity… we’re already together in this game, it’s useless to look for the reason why…we’re an ode to the lovers that breed without hope, the dawning and the beginning of each paradise… oh sweet insanity, you’ll always belong to me.


Night Terrors

They feel you
They hear you
They scare you
They know you
They pursue you
They want you
They smell you
They taste you
But you don’t know who they are…

They’re here (You’re no longer alone…)
They’re here (You’re no longer alone…)
They’re here (You’re no longer alone…)

He dies on your side
He’s the anguish you can’t hide
And you couldn’t stop him…
And you couldn’t stop him…
No you couldn’t stop him…

Cleanse your heart
With the blood he left you
As a memory, not a tragedy
‘Cause death is a choice
Each one is able to take
Why do we have to wait someone to choose for us...?